Dubai and Mauritius Two Centre Holiday

Dubai and Mauritius Two Centre Holiday

A Two Centre Holiday in Dubai and Mauritius offers you the intoxicating mixture of a city from the future, with the serene elegance of Mauritius. This two centre holiday arrangement can be called intriguing, offering you the energetic and bustling metropolis that is Dubai with the effortlessness that is Mauritius.

Two Centre Holiday Dubai


Your two centre holiday starts off in Dubai, located on the southeast coast of the Pesian Gulf. Take in the ultra-modern city of Dubai. Encircled by sand, Dubai is cosmopolitan with a capital C.  Check out the high-rise buildings, the unique gold and spice markets and the incredible grand attractions that Dubai gives you. Dubai has become emblematic for its skyscrapers such as the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, and its aspiring development ventures, such as manmade islands with hotels such as the Palm and other hotels like the Burj Al Arab, a seven star hotel, as well as some of the largest shopping malls to be found thorough out the world. The Dubai Mall has a very remarkable aquarium that you can stroll through.

Two Centre Holiday Mauritius


You then move on to Mauritius, an island set in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean for the next stage of your two centre holiday. Mauritius will enchant you, making you feel special to have been part of this friendly island. Mauritius exudes peace and tranquillity. A place where the past and present merge together, so it is inscribed into your memory always. You can stroll along the beaches, with their ultra soft sand and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Mauritius. Mauritius really is paradise for those of you who want to enjoy the sea, or just to soak up the sun. You should visit the Balaclava Ruins, named after the countless tortoises in the area, it can be discovered in the ruins of the old Balaclava estate. There are over 700 species of indigenous plants in Mauritius, including some fantastic orchids, keep your camera at the ready.

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